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Defra and RPA have produced new guidance on cross compliance for 2014.

The guidance does not take the place of the law and the precise rules are set out in the legislation.

Cross compliance publications include:

Title Publication no.
The Guide to Cross Compliance in England 2014 complete edition rpa157 (online only)
Soil Protection Review (SPR) continuation sheet
Cross Compliance Guidance for Soil Management (2010 edition) PB 13315
Cross Compliance Soil Protection Review 2010 PB 13311
Guidance for Cross Compliance in England: Management of Habitats and Landscape Features rpa176 (Online only)

You may also want to read the 'Defining stone walls of historic and landscape importance' final report which gives more information about Stone walls (GAEC 13):

Defining stone walls of historic and landscape importance.pdf
Defining stone walls of historic and landscape importance
(PDF, 1619KB)

Previous cross-compliance guidance can be found on the Previous Guidance page.

Cross compliance legislation includes:

EC legislation Domestic legislation
Council Regulation (EC) No 73/2009 * Statutory Instrument 2009/3365
Commission Regulation (EC) No 1122/2009 Statutory Instrument 2010/2941
Statutory Instrument 2012/66

* Council Regulation (EC) No 73/2009 repealed Council Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003 from 1 January 2009.
† Commission Regulation (EC) No 1122/2009 repealed Commission Regulation (EC) No 796/2004 from 1 January 2010.
‡ Statutory Instrument 2009/3365 revoked Statutory Instrument 2009/3264 from 15 January 2010.
Statutory Instrument 2010/2941 amended Statutory Instrument 2009/3365 from 1 January 2011.
Statutory Instrument 2012/66 amended Statutory Instrument 2009/3365 from 13 February 2012.

If you need technical advice or assistance about cross compliance, please phone the Farming Advice Service between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 0845 345 1302 or visit the website at

Non-technical questions relating to cross compliance can be addressed to the RPA Customer Service Centre:

Customer Service Centre - 0845 603 7777

Page published: 20 January 2014

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