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Cross Compliance Verifiable Standards for England

To explain what we will look for during an inspection and to help you understand how we process the results, we have published the ‘Cross Compliance Verifiable Standards for England’. This is the same guide which is used by our inspectors.

The table below also contains a copy of the 2014 severity calculator. We use this with the verifiable standards to work out the severity of breaches of SMR 7 (cattle identification).

These documents give details about how we work out the intent, extent, severity, permanence and repetition of breaches and should be used with the payment reduction matrices.

Actual breaches may be assessed differently to reflect the circumstances of each individual case.

Guidelines for classifying the seriousness of XC failures
FINAL Verifiable Standards 2014 v1 0  Inspectors Guide.pdf
Verifiable Standards for England (applicable from 01/01/2014)
Verifiable Standards 2014 v 1 0 Jan 2014 .xlsx
Changes to Verifiable Standards 2014  v 1.0.xls
SMR 7 Severity Calculator
2014 Severity Calculator.xls

We will update the ‘Cross Compliance Verifiable Standards for England’ if there are any changes to cross compliance requirements.

Guidance for inspectors for previous years is available from the related links on the left.

Page published: 13 January 2014