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Rural Land Register

Hay bales

As part of the administration of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) schemes, the RPA has built a Rural Land Register (RLR) which holds details of all registered land parcels in a digital format. This is based on Ordnance Survey information, supplemented by information gathered from farmers and land owners; from physical and remote sensing activity; and through anomalies found during claim processing.

All land must be registered on the RLR in order to be eligible for payments under the Single Payment Scheme (SPS), the Environmental Stewardship Scheme (ES) or the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS).

The RLR has been developed to:

  • Modernise and streamline our approach to administering land-based schemes.
  • Meet EU regulations, which require the use of an electronic geographic information system (GIS).
  • Provide farmers and landowners with the information they need to be able to make accurate claims for CAP subsidy.
  • Streamline claim processing through a simplified application process.

NB the Rural Land Register is not the same as HM Land Registry. To find out about HM Land Registry you can visit their web site using this link.

Page published: 15 April 2013