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Rural Land and Entitlements Form (RLE 1)

RLE1 Form
RLE 1 Form Mar 2013.pdf

What is the RLE 1 used for?

The RLE1 is the form you use to tell us if you are:

  • transferring Single Payment Scheme entitlements;
  • transferring land that is already registered on the Rural Land Register (RLR);
  • registering new land for the first time on the RLR; or
  • making changes to your land on the RLR.

How do I get an RLE 1 and what information will I need to have?

If you need an RLE 1 form you can:
  • call our Customer Service Centre (CSC) on 0845 603 7777; the opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm;
  • or email us at; please make the subject line ‘RLE 1 form request’; or
  • download one from our website (see below).

If you call our CSC or e-mail us you will need to tell us:
  • the business name
  • your Single Business Identifier (SBI)and/or your Personal Identifier (PI) if known
  • your name
  • your address
  • your postcode (for main postal address)
  • Your main telephone number should we need to contact you further
  • The number of blank RLE 1s you need
  • The number of guidance booklets you need

If you are making a transfer you will also need to tell us:
  • The transfer type
  • The business name of the farmer transferring entitlements/land into their business (transferee)
  • The SBI of the transferee
  • The number of land parcels being transferred

Unless you ask for a blank form we will, in most cases, send a pre-printed form which will only include the sections you need. We will pre-print your SBI and business name and the transferee’s SBI and business name if you provide them. If you request the entitlements section, part C, it will show the entitlements that are available to you to transfer although it may not include recent transfers and expired entitlements may still show. We cannot pre-print land parcel details.

It will take about 10 working days for an RLE 1 to reach you and we will send a blank one if we are unable to pre-print it.

If you want to download a blank RLE 1 from the website, please click on the form above. We have added a checklist to the front page of the document – please don’t return this with your completed form.

It is important that you:
  • Read the checklist
  • Print the RLE1 form on white paper
  • Do not use glossy or other paper types (coloured, A3 etc.)
  • Send us the whole form, but not the checklist
  • Do not remove blank pages from the form
  • Staple the top left hand corner before you send it to us.

How to fill in your RLE1

The documents below will help you fill in your RLE 1.

RLE1 Guidance
RLE1 Guidance
Updated Information
RLE1 Checklist
RLE 1 Guidance booklet 2013 v3.0.pdf
RLE correction notice v2 0.pdf
RLE 1 checklist v3 0.pdf

We also have FAQs that can provide helpful information.

Rural Land Register FAQs
Transfer Entitlements FAQs

Please use an original RLE 1 wherever possible. There may be delays if you use an old version of the RLE 1. The RLE 1 checklist is for your own use. It will help make sure that you have filled in the important parts of the RLE 1. Please do not send it to us with the RLE 1.

To print out a copy of either document:

1. Hold your mouse over the icon.

2. Using the right mouse button, click once

3. Select the option 'open link in a new window'

Print as normal.

The person signing the RLE 1 must be properly authorised (empowered) to do so. For more information on how to empower someone go to the empowerments page.

The transfer of entitlements deadline for the entitlements to be used for the SPS 2014 scheme year is 2 April 2014.

If you are making changes to your land on the RLR, you must include maps clearly showing the changes. If the maps are unclear this will delay the processing of your RLE 1.

If your change affects a neighbouring farmer it can take longer to update your maps as we have to contact them to approve the change. We will be able to update your maps more quickly if you can send their written authorisation to us with your RLE 1 form. This should include their SBI, name and their signed agreement on the map or in a covering letter. Alternatively they can call us on 0845 603 7777, choosing the Rural Land Register option, to approve the change. They will need their SBI and land parcel reference number(s) when they call.

Transferring SPS entitlements after 2 April 2014

You need to fill in an RLE 1 and send it to us. We must receive it by midnight on 19 October 2014. The ‘effective date of transfer’ must be on or before 1 December 2014.

You can’t transfer entitlements with an ‘effective date of transfer’ between 2 December 2014 and mid January 2015. This is because we’re getting ready for the change to the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).

SPS entitlements will become BPS entitlements on 1 January 2015.

From mid January 2015 you’ll be able to transfer BPS entitlements. We’ll tell you more later in the year.

Send your completed RLE 1(s) to:

Rural Payments Agency

PO Box 300, Sheffield

S95 1AA

Page published: 17 April 2014