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CTS Self Service Line

What is the CTS Self Service Line?

The CTS Self Service Line is an automated telephone line. It can be accessed by dialling 0845 011 1212.

What can I do on the CTS Self Service Line?

You can report the following types of transactions as long as the animals have UK numeric tags.

  • Births (Press 1)
  • Movement ON to your holding (Press 2)
  • Movements OFF your holding (Press 3)
  • Deaths of registered animals (Press 4)
  • Deaths of unregistered animals (Press 5)

You can choose to speak your information or use your telephone keypad.
If you know the menu option you want, you can go straight to it by pressing the relevant number on your telephone keypad.

How do I get started?

To use the CTS Self Service Line, you need to have a County Parish Holding (CPH) number registered with us on the Cattle Tracing System (CTS) along with the telephone number(s) that you will be calling from.
If you have changed your telephone number or you want to add other numbers to call from, you can let us know by phoning the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) helpline number or you can email us.
If your telephone number is withheld, you will need to dial 1470 before the Self Service line number.

Why should I use the CTS Self Service Line?
  • It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • It checks some of the information entered and tells you if a mistake has been made
  • We receive your information straightaway avoiding delays
  • If you also use CTS Online, you can see the information you reported straighatway in the ‘Recorded Events’

Important points

CPH number
  • Speak or enter your CPH number in full
  • Include all zeros
  • No slashes or dashes
  • If you have sub-locations, speak or enter all 11 digits

Ear tag number
  • Transactions are only for cattle with all numeric UK tags (including dam ear tags)
  • There is no need to say ‘UK’, the system will automatically add it
  • Speak or enter the eartag number in full including any zeros

Births (including death of unregistered cattle)
  • Surrogate dam or sire ID numbers cannot be entered
  • The service cannot be used to register imported cattle

  • Complete the death details on the passport
  • Return the passport to BCMS within seven days of the date of death

The service will confirm each successful transaction. You will be given a reference number after each transaction type, for example after the number of births submitted.

You must return the passports for dead cattle to BCMS.

CTS Self Service Line Leaflet
CTS Benefits- Telephone leaflet final draft_09.07.10.pdf

Page published: 29 July 2011